A video has been made by a group of Singhs trolling Gurbaksh Singh who had undergone 2 hunger strikes in order to free Sikh political prisoners but both times was unable to fulfill his promise to the Sikh sangat.

He came under further controversy when he gave an interview to the media and launched a series of attacks and accusations against Bapu Surat Singh.

The video plays out with a reporter coming to interview “Gurbaksh Singh” who play acts for the camera for sympathy. The reporter then asks questions regarding how much money he is receiving and who from, to which some very funny answers are given.

A Video made by Singhs mocks Gurbaksh who became a traitor of Sikh quam after he took thousands of dollars worth of money and made a fool out of Sikhs worldwide.

Mockery of Gurbaksh by dailysikhupdates

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