The five day event of the London Fashion Week attracts thousands of people from all over the world and tremendously contributes to the British economy.

The event features some of the biggest names in fashion across the world who showcase their upcoming designs.

A fashion model who recently came to fame after he did shoots with major fashion brands such as Louise Vuitton organized a mob of Sikh models. The Singh sent out a message asking all Sikh models to show up at the site of the London Fashion Week in their best gear and what a site it became.

The Singhs with their turbans and classy suits stood out among other fashion icons and much of the attention suddenly shifted towards them.

People were amazed to see all the different style and color turbans with the spectacular suits they were wearing.

The mob of Sikh men called it ‘The day we shut London Fashion Week down’ and ‘Singhs shut down London Fashion Week’ and soon after the pictures hit twitter they instantly went viral and the Singhs were buzzing on Twitter. The London Fashion Week started trending as #LFW with much of the pictures of the Sikh men.

Here are some of the pictures from the historic event.





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