Singh’s Response to Major UK Gurdwara Banning Basics of Sikhi Katha

VJKK VJKF Sangat ji,

After speaking to Sangat and the committee yesterday, I realise that the Facebook post made jointly by TPV, although was talking about legitimate concerns, it was effectively “washing our dirty laundry in public”.

Effectively there was no benefit and it did give a bad name to the Gurdwara within the online Sikh community. I want to give a quick background to why we made that post instead of asking the question direct to the committee. We were frustrated for the last 6 months as there had only been one Q&A rather than the monthly promised, we had no replies to questions asked at the AGM or the applicationfor the sub-committees (which have already started).

However the frustration came out in wrong sphere and really we were at fault for not checking with the committee about the fine.
We learnt yesterday that the Gurdwara is in the process of applying for a licence to issue work permits as in the past the licence had been taken off the committee.

We want to clarify that by sharing this information online about the arrests etc, there was no damage to the Gurdwara’s application as the British Govt won’t listen to Daily Sikh Updates or Tera Panth Vasse but in actual fact they will be influenced by the UKBA arrest warrants. It also likely that the word would have got out anyway about this as the local Punjabi press was going to release it anyway, but I do understand that there was no fine and also from the point of view of average sangat, it looked like TPV were just attacking the Gurdwara without clarifying or seeing if the current committee were to blame.

I want to clarify that it wasn’t simply my choice to post, it was a group decision by TPV and I was asked as I had the page access and other people were away.

We have already apologised for not checking with them about the fine and even Daily Sikh updates has apologised to them on Twitter for sharing the news without checking. The TPV benti is, please lets have the monthly Q&As and from our side, TPV promises to raise matters internally at the Q&As first.

I am also personally apologising to the the committee and the sangat. I’ve had to realize that Basics of Sikhi and the sangats learning has to take priority over Tera Panth Vasse. Therefore in order to ensure that no such conflicts take place again I am no longer going to be the spokesperson for TPV or be posting on the facebook.

I understand the anger this caused in the committee but I do a personal benti that, for the sake of a mistake by a group, please do not look to punish just one person and by doing so, please do not also punish all the sangat that also turn up to katha every sunday. I’m taking steps to ensure it won’t happen again. Let us resolve this issue peacefully and together for the sake of the sangat, both locally and globally.

Daas Jagraj Singh

Singh's Response to UK Gurdwara Banning Katha by dailysikhupdates

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