When a Sikh was given strange looks for his clothes and appearance.
An incident happened to Pritham Singh –


So I’m at Walmart and an older white couple in their 60s point at me and intimidatingly say “what’s that what all that” pointing at my head and clothes. I said “oh I am a Sikh” they implied “it’s from India?” “Yes it’s from India” I added. “But you’re not Indian” they smirked ” I said “no I’m not Indian, my family adopted Sikhi ten years ago” just like all Christians aren’t only English speaking Americans etc so too can anyone become a Sikh.

They remarked about the clothes again saying “oh I thought you were going to a costume party….” I said “nope I wear this everyday, I actually find it more comfy than mainstream American clothes….” I said “do you wear pajamas?” They said yes, I said “well the British went to India in the 1800s to bring back spices, perfumes(actually plundering but that’s another conversation) and they brought back pajamas to England because they are comfortable” they said “and” so I replied “this is called a kurta pajama and you even wear one to bed”.

Dumbfounded they said “ohhhhhh” I replied “there are many things that most people are unaware of that are very obvious to me”. So moral of the story is Most people think anybody can become a Christian and be welcomed by society of any ethnicity but Sikhi isn’t just for Indians it is for All Humanity and Sikhs need to stop being selfish with representing Sikhi as a religion solely for Indians. Anybody can become a Sikh, if I can than anybody can that has a good Heart.

During the turmoil Guroo Nanak never wavered and neither should you. Follow the religion you claim by studying and implementing the principles in your daily life. Sikhi is more important than trends and fads that change constantly, Sikhi is constant and a Sikh follows Guroo Sahibs marg we don’t follow Babas or priests in that sense, we follow God because we are the priests, a room full of priests. Vaheguroo!

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