Various Sikh organisations and preachers held a peaceful march here today to protest incidents of sacrilege in the state and cases of alleged police excesses.

The march started from Gurdwara Amb Sahib in around noon amidst heavy police deployment in the area. The protesters marched towards Chandigarh chanting “Satnam Waheguru”.

The protesters were led by Bhai Ranjit Singh Dhadrianwale, Panthpreet Singh, Daler Singh Kheriwale, Amrik Singh Ajnalawale and Baljeet Singh Daduwal.

The Sikhs put their blood mixed in a bowl and handed it over to the police to be delivered to the Punjab Govt.

Government officials visiting the Sikhs three times during the day and giving indications that demands may be fulfilled, they have failed to do so. A final one hour ultimatum was given around midnight by the Parcharaks and Sangat, who have been sitting at the same place since authorities stopped them en route, failing which the ‘blood-giving’ action stated in the 25 October 2015 Shaheedi Samagam Matha (one of nine) will be carried out.

Sikh Parcharaks said that either the Government fulfil the demands, or they shamefully take their blood from peacefully sitting Parcharaks. They must choose one. Sikhs say these people are still thirsty for Sikh blood.

The Government, having no shame even with the worldwide Sikhs watching their current actions, has not fulfilled the demands today and therefore SIKH PARCHARAKS ARE NOW GIVING BLOOD TO BE SENT TO CHIEF MINISTER BADAL.

Sikhs give message to Govt by dailysikhupdates

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