Jatheder of Sri Hazur Sahib along with the Kar Sewa Babas and others made an announcement on the Dasam Granth Yatra. A yatra is to be started from Sri Akal Takht Sahib to spread the awareness of the tenth Gurus writings which are inscribed in the Dasam Granth.

Over the last decade, a group primarily associated with the banned Kala Afghana has attempted to spread misinformation among the Sikhs that the Dasam Granth was a conspiracy by the British. However, the attempts have been foiled through authentic historical evidence of manuscripts, rehitnamas, Akal Takht orders, and other means.

Research from Sikh scholars has revealed the writings of the tenth Guru to be authentic but the missionary clan has continued to spread false information causing a massive division among the Sikhs.

The Hazur Sahib Singhs state that this yatra will help spread much needed awareness.

Hazur Sahib by dailysikhupdates

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