Singhs Disappointed at Bhai Gurbaksh’s Sudden Decision to End Strike

Singhs of Bhai Gurbaksh Singh Khalsa’s hunger strike campaign held a meeting at Fatehgarh Sahib. The Main Singhs of the campaign Gurpreet Singh Guri, Bagicha Singh, and Gurpyar Singh expressed disappointment and wondered what made Bhai Gurbaksh end his hunger strike without consulting them. The sudden decision of Bhai Gurbaksh to end the hunger strike shocked Sikhs worldwide and many were surprised to see him sitting in his car all of the sudden.

The Singhs are unsure about what went into the decision of Bhai Gurbaksh  and how the morcha ended without any consultation with them. Now, it’s become a conspiracy of whether the hunger strike was genuine or whether it was pre-planned.

However, many people got to know about the Sikh political prisoners only after Bhai Gurbaksh’s strike as many people were not even aware there were even Sikh political prisoners. Worldwide Sikhs want to hear from Bhai Gurbaksh himself on what the meeting between him and DSGMC officials was about.

The Singhs of the morcha want to know under what consequences Bhai Gurbaksh ended the strike as many questions remained unanswered.

urpiyar Singh said, “It’s a conspiracy and we do not know why he would end his fast mid-way. Me and the other companions were not informed that the fast is going to end and we do not have any relation with Gurbaksh singh now.”

“Gurbaksh asked us to go to the gurudwara and on the way police blocked us. At the same time Gurbaksh broke his fast. People are calling us to and foul-mouthing us,” Singh added.


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