Inderpal Singh’s Edmonton based SBI BioEnergy has started plans to build a 10 million dollar refinery at the Edmonton Research Park to turn vegetable oils, animal fat, and tall oil into renewable diesel and jet fuel.


The company would not only cut greenhouse gas emissions but but also produce an environmentally friendly fuel.

The goal of the company is to attract investment partners which would increase its scale of production to 240 million litres by 2018.

Inderpal told the Edmonton Journal:

“This is a crucial step for getting into commercialization,” said Inder Singh, founding president and CEO of SBI, at the official groundbreaking on Monday.

“We have been working on this technology for over eight years now and finally we’ve got to this point.”

Singh hopes his fuels will one day replace bio diesel and ethanol.

Interestingly enough, the renewable fuels run more efficiently than biodiesel with exisiting infrastructure, distribution systems, and engines according to SBI.

The ground breaking technology of the company uses a catalytic process which doesn’t use any water or create any waste material or use hydrogen. According to Singh, it’s the only technology which concerts bio-diesel into renewable diesel.

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