Jaswinder Singh breaks down the common misconception of alienating Sikh traditions on assumptions of being associated with Brahmins. Post 1984, many believed that extremist Hindu forces were trying to dilute the Sikh religion which is true to some extent.

Many in the Sikh community wanted their own calendar as they believed the Bikrami Calendar was Brahmin Calendar. However, the dates in Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji are according to the Bikrami Calendar.

The Bikrami Calendar was never a Hindu calendar but a calendar that was followed during those times before the Gregorian Calendar took over the world.

Indepth Clarification:

This video have 4 parts. For watch other video parts, search ”Jass78” on Youtube.com
Part 1: The Logical New Year.
Part 2: What Calendar Does Gurbani Reference.
Part 3: Weather Changes In Relation To The Calendar.
Part 4: Is Maseya & Puneya A Hindu Tradition Or Not.

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