Singhs of Bhai Gurbaksh’s Jatha Taken to Delhi Police Station

The head sevadaars of Bhai Gurbaksh Singh Khalsa’s Jatha have been taken to police reprimand at Parliament street police station. The Singhs named Gurpreet Singh Guri, Harneet Singh Khalsa, Bagicha Singh Waraich and other Singhs are started their hunger strike at Jantar Mantar Delhi.

After police received reports of the Singhs, they were taken to the police station. The Singhs were seen doing nitnem at the police station.

As of now, Gurpyar Singh Khalsa is on hunger strike in the place of Bhai Gurbaksh. Gurpreet Singh Guri has also started an indefinite hunger strike for the release of Bhai Gurbaksh.

The Singhs were forced out of Lakhnaur Sahib Gurdwara after pressure from police and arrived at Jantar Mantar to continue their protest.


singhs at delhi police station

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