Singh “We are Warriors, Why We Asking For Protection in the UK”

Anyone can carry a weapon. But our real ‘weapon’ against extremists of all backgrounds will be to breakdown the barriers between our communities, remain vigilant, and work together to build a better society Says Singh.

The true Warrior’s greatest weapon is love for his fellow man and if you have that, you’d never raise a finger in anger.

These people do not speak for all Sikhs. We are warriors and warriors do not ask for protection. We know that as we have a distinct appearance, we make ourselves targets.

But better us than those we are sworn to protect. For that is the cause of the true Sikh. We have no boundaries of race or colour and all humanity is ‘our people’.

The ‘knife’ is known as the kirpaan which is derived from the words ‘mercy’ and ‘justice’. It is to be used in defence as an extreme last resort (ie if we meet people like Lee Rigby’s killers for example).

It is, in fact, also a symbol of our readiness to always repel evil and aggression. A Sikh should be well versed in the Martial arts and should be able to protect himself and others with his bare hands (unless he/she is frail or infirm).

If you look like a Warrior, you should act like one. Unfortunately many Sikhs have strayed from the Warrior’s path. That is why they have to ask for protection rather than provide it themselves.

Obviously there is merit in alerting the police and authorities, and I’m not promoting us being vigilantes (though sometimes that might not be such a bad idea…), but the way these Sikh groups have gone about this is shameful for a proud warrior race.

By Pavandeep Singh

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