Basics of Sikhi Parcharak Jagmeet Singh become popular in the Sikh community for his unique perspective of expressing the message of Sikhi. He’s had a long journey of pain, suffering, loss, and finally triumph when in 2012 he was blessed by Guru Sahib to become a GurSikh.

The most viral video of Jagmeet was when he interrupted a BBC Show to spread awareness of Bapu Surat Singh Khalsa’s hunger strike and get people to understand the difficulties faced by Sikhs in Punjab. The event ended up being covered by almost all UK media networks.

Immediately following the BBC incident, Jagmeet was invited to a show to discuss the SikhLivesMatter issue:

As the community wanted to know more about this Singh, Jagmeet Singh gave talk about his journey at a Gurdwara Sahib:

Another popular video of Jagmeet Singh is when he spread the message of Sikhi on an Islamic channel:

The following video of Jagmeet gained considerable attention. This must watch video highlights certain peoples real feelings about Sikhs wearing weapons. It brings home the very real need for our community to engage with the general public and spread awareness of Sikhi to help dispel misconceptions! Street Parchar on Hounslow High Street!

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