Vikramjeet Singh recounts how he used his Gatka skills to stop a robbery in a shop in the UK:

Yesterday I got bravery award for showing courageous effort by catching thief who jumped inside shop and looted money from the shop and steal some other items and that time I was there to deliver newspaper in my van.

Singh receives bravery reward
Singh receives bravery reward

Thief tried to flee away by hitting shop owner with the wooden stick but at the same time I was on the main gate and he ran towards me with the stick in order to get out from there but his bad luck, he didn’t knew that I was trained in Sikh martial arts(Ghatka) in which fighting with soti is easy thing for every singh who plays Ghatka so as he approached me I quickly sat down in fair position and grabbed him with my arm from back of neck which didn’t allow him to move and shop owners wife quickly called police and till the police arrived.

I kept hold of him and 6-7 cars of police came and took thief to his final destination prison in which he has been sentenced for 24 months by Derby Crown Court. For this effort I was invited by High Sheriff Oliver Stephenson for award ceremony held for bravery and courage and I was awarded a certificate of bravery and 500£ cheque. Thanks to High sheriff Mr Oliver Stephenson,Judges of crown court and Mayor of Derbyshire.

It’s a proud moment and feel blessed. All thanks to Waheguru .
Here are pictures from yesterday event .

In second pic there High Sheriff,Crown court Judge, Mayor of Derby and of course shop owner and his wife who are from Sri Lanka.

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