Singh Sues United States Government After Being Beaten By Navy Officer

A Sikh cab driver named Avtar Singh in California is suing the United States for being punched in the face by a navy officer who confused him for a Muslim. The Sikh stated in court that he was hit because the officer he was “possibly Muslim. The only defendant of the case is the United States. Singh is a United States Citizen living in California who picked up the officer Kyle Blackwell a woman around 1am on Dec 20 2013 by a bar in the Gaslamp District in San Diego. ¬†After reaching the destination the woman paid him but Kyle Blackwell made some strange noise as claimed by Avtar Singh. When Blackwell got out of the seat he slammed the door then without saying anything punched Singh with his right fist from the side cab window which broke the glass and struck Singh in the forehead.

Singh got out of the car and questioned Blackwell but then he was struck again in the mouth and was beaten continously.

Blackwell’s response in court: “‘in fear of my life because he [Singh] looked Middle Eastern, possibly from Iraq or Afghanistan,'” the complaint states. “Blackwell added: ‘And since I was in my Navy dress blues, I thought he was possibly a Muslim extremist and wasn’t sure what he was capable of. As he got closer to me, I gave him a couple of jabs and hit him in the mouth.'”

No discplinary charges have been taken against Blackwell, Singh seeks damages for negligence, negligent supervision, and intentional infliction.


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