Singh Speaks Why Certain Children of Sikh Gurus Aren’t Mentioned in History


Within Sikhi its is made evident that gurbani shabad is to be respected and worshipped higher than any physical form or body.

Bhai Harinder Singh comments in the following clip on how from Guru Nanak Dev Jee up to Guru Gobind Singh Jee gurbani shabad was respected very highly even higher than any physical body or form.

Bhai Harinder Singh gives examples from sikh history, for example he highlights when Bhai Datu kicked Guru Amar Das Jee when they were given the guru gadhi, and guru sahibs did not retaliate. However, when Guru Har Rai Jee’s own son changed gurbani shabad Guru Sahib excommunicated their own son to represent how high their respect for gurbani was.

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