PLEASE BE WARNED: The video contains graphic imagery and viewer discretion is advised!

We humbly request that you help stop the annual Yulin Dog Meat Eating Festival which takes place in China on 21st June 2015. Over 10,000 dogs will be boiled and burned alive, clubbed to death and electrocuted. The scenes are extremely graphic so please be warned! We ask not as dog lovers, but lovers of humanity.

If any other specie were being slaughtered in tens of thousands as part of a ‘festival’ in such a horrific way, it would deserve as much attention. We humbly request that you watch and share this video by Jagraj Singh giving a Sikh perspective of this and similar events.

Sabh Mehi Jot Jot Hai Soe – The Divine Light is within everyone and everything. You are that Light VahiGuru!

Guru Har Rai Sahib Ji (7th Sikh Guru) made an animal hospital. Healing, treating, nurturing, caring for animals. Such compassion was demonstrated by our beloved Gurus, so we should take a minuted to contemplate and do the same!

Being compassionate is first step to serving justice for these poor creatures who have no voice.

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