This Op/ED in response to the Independent’s Article:¬†Insult of Sikh Religion by UK Newspaper

Issue is not of inter-Faith relations, but of upholding the Sanctity of the Anand-Karaj (Sikh relgious ceremony) which is being financially exploited by Gurdwaras.

The Truth:

The committee was informed that a mixed faith wedding was booked at Singh Sabha Havelock road on 24 of July by concerned members of the local Sangat.

The committee promised the family of the bride would be asked to come in and speak to them with regards to changing the religious ceremony protocol on the day which was never complied by the committee.

On the day of the wedding, at 9.30am approximately 6 local Sikhs asked to speak with the committee.

At this point Sohan Singh Sumra called the police to remove these men. The Police did not see any reason to remove the 6 Sikhs who were doing nothing wrong.

At this stage a furious Sumra called local known thugs to come to the Gurdwara. He has used such men, (well known tactics) during committee elections.

This provoke others to come who saw of Sumra’s men. There is a numerous Videos of Samra making speeches and agreeing with those that opposed the Sham Anand Karaj Ceremony.

The family of the bride were politely spoken to who agreed that they will ill advised by the Gurdwara, who were only interested in taking booking fees.


The family continued their court marriage uninterrupted and fulfilled their proceedings without participating in the religious elements.
Photos of the couple are on the internet enjoying their day at the Gurdwara.

We have videos of the committee including Harjit Singh Sarpanch quoting that this wedding would never have been allowed under their control, however was booked by the previous committee.

There are dozens of videos of Sohan Singh Sumra making speeches on the day, which will be posted to the independent newspaper to expose this trouble maker.

We respect each and every person’s right to marry whoever they chose to do so. We request that Non-Sikhs should refrain from the religious ceremonies strictly governed for Sikh participants only.

No Sikhs have ever objected to Court-marriages or stopped anyone attending the Gurdwara whilst following the protocols.

Jaswinder Singh

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