A representative for the World Sikh Organization of Canada Balpreet Singh told a Canadian newspaper of how the fake spiritual man con thousands of dollars from Canadian citizens.

The Singh spoke out against many conman fake babas who lure people into their traps and take thousands of their dollars in promise of healing them.

Recently, a conman was convicted in Canadian court for taking over 100,000 dollars from his victim and sentenced to 9 years in prison. The self claimed god man told his victim he had the spirit of Sai Baba inside him.

The fake spiritual man are in a whole wide range of categories from fortune tellers, televangelists, palm readers and to self claimed god men.

The easiest targets for these “holy man” are vulnerable South Asians who have a belief in superstitions and magical healing powers.

The Singh went onto say that the belief in god men is more a cultural thing then religious as the Sikh religion doesn’t believe in fortune telling and men or woman who claim to be god men.

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