Singh Skydives With Turban to Protest Ban in France (Video)

A Sikh man Harjinder Singh Kukreja became the first known man to sky dive from a plane wearing a turban.

He sky dived from 4,000 feet for religious freedom by protesting the ban on turbans in France.

The turban is banned by the French government in schools and workplaces and put Sikhs in a very difficult position as religious freedom gets highly violated in France. France even went against the UN Resolution which allowed the wearing of Turban at all public places.

“The whole idea is to create awareness and have a voice,” Mr Kukreja said.

“We will keep fighting for our religious freedom and our religious symbols.”

Mr Kukreja said religious freedom was integral to maintaining diversity.

He said French Sikhs had been forced to put their children in private schools or leave France.

“Our voice has been the loudest, because it affects us the most,” he said.

“It’s a part of who we are and it’s not something we add on.”

Mr Kukreja said he supported religious freedom for everyone.

The restaurant owner from Ludhiana, Punjab, said he decided to jump during his recent Melbourne holiday.

Harjinder stated his enormous feet came timely after the recent highlight of freedom of speech in france.

Mr Kukreja said he believed the French magazine at the centre of the shootings, Charlie Hebdo, had exploited freedom of speech, but he condemned the retaliation.

Mr Kukreja said skydiving was not popular among Sikhs.

“When you fall at 200 km/h speed, you’re not really sure if the turban will fall off,” he said.

“So I made sure, I did three or four things, like I tied it under my chin.”

Was it worth it?

“The scariest part is only for a few minutes to jump out of the plane,” he said.

“Once you jump, then it’s all cool.”
With inputs from The Weekly Review Bayside

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