Singh Does Sikhi Parchar To 4 Lakh Sangat in 68 Samagams Under 1 Year

Surinder Singh Thikriwala is the head of Gurmat Parchar Sewa Lahir and has spent the past 1 year doing Sikhi Parchar nonstop everyday to over 4 lakh sangat in 68 Samagam events. The goal of the Gurmat Parchar Sewa Lahir is to reach as many villages as possible to spread Sikhi Awareness and do gurmat parchar where Kathavachaks don’t usually attend. The Samagams are organized few days in advance and in Most samagams over 5,000 people attend and as many as 30,000 have attended certain events. 68 villages have been covered so far and by the end of the year the number will top 80.

The programs starts with Gurbani Katha for about 1 hour and then the film “Chaar Sahibzaade” By Vismaad Media is shown to the sangat.

This mahan sewa is largely getting unnoticed as no major news media has covered the story. Reaching 400,000 people under 1 year is a daunting task and Surinder Singh deserves a lot of praise for such sewa.

If you would like to be in touch with Surinder Singh Thikriwala, you can call him at 9914806306

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Parchar Sikhi

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