A message from JAGDEESH SINGH, National Liberal Party

Dear Sikh friends, activists, campaigners.

This is JAGDEESH SINGH. As you may know I am standing for MP in Ealing Southall from the NATIONAL LIBERAL PARTY (not to be confused with Liberal Democratic). I previously stood for London MEP last year.

This is a passionate drive to give grass-root Sikhs and fellow disrecognised and disempowered communities a direct voice in parliament! Fighting elections is a demanding step, involving lots of campaigning, effort, time and accompanying costs of thousands.


As a committed, pro-active public Sikh campaigner, I hope we can make a major change in Southall with a new voice, a Sikh voice for both the Sikh community and all other diverse communities of Southall. Over 50 years in the UK, we have created 350 gurdwaras. Sikhs have been contributing massively to Britain pre 1960s and to date. 100,000 Sikh soldiers have dead! Yet, whilst smaller communities like the Jews have 50 plus Jewish MPs, we have not a single, authentic Sikh MP in parliament!

This is a combined failure of both the political establishment and the Sikh community itself! 350 multi-million pound gurdwaras are not going to make our future, nor address the multiple current issues of Sikh ethnic recognition to 1984 to Sikh independent statehood.

We shamefully and tragically have not a single authentic Sikh MP in the House of Commons, to fight and shout for Sikh justice issues! SIKHS deserve direct Sikh representation in the House of Commons! The challenge for us, is for the Sikh community to make a positive effort to make this change! SOUTHALL presents a clear opportunity for us to make this happen.

HELP ME BECOME THE NEW MP FOR SOUTHALL! I need support with funds, leafleting, media coverage and ultimately votes on 7th May 2015! We need 4k plus for our election campaign. If you feel you can assist, please donate: National Liberal Party

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