Singh Riding Bicycle From Amritsar For Hunger Strike in Delhi (Video)

Vikram Singh Khalsa who recently became an Amritdhari Sikh after taking amrit at Sri Akal Takht Sahib last week. He is Hindu from birth but after recent events in Punjab became inspired and became a Sikh. Vikram became popular after the shoe throwing incident at Punjab CM.

Vikram says once he reaches Delhi he will sit on Hunger Strike at Jantar Mantar for the justice of 1984 Victims. He feels it’s his duty as a Sikh to stand up for those who’ve been neglected. Before reaching Delhi, Vikram will stop at Bhai Gurbaksh Singh’s morcha at Lakhnaur Sahib where Bhai Sahib has reached his 21st Day of hunger strike. Surinder Singh from talking Punjab caught up with him in Ludhiana.

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