Singh Reveals British Sikh Regiment May Come Soon

A Singh from the Sikh Network UK and also a member of the Sikh Federation (UK) has revealed Prince Charles’ plans of having a British Sikh regiment. After the recent commemoration of the Sikh Soldiers serving in both world wars, the dialogue of a British Sikh regiment has been growing. A grave concern for the UK is a record low number of recruits in the British Army in 2014 which is making the army nervous and could pave the way for a draft if a war was to ever happen.

The Singh Jas Singh Khatkar and rep of Sikh Network and Sikh Federation (UK) hasn’t revealed any further details regarding the plans but stated “Had an opportunity to meet and talk to Prince Charles. Discussed Sikh Contribution & Sacrifice in both World Wars, and he shared his plans to have a Sikh Regiment!!.”

It remains to be seen whether this will ever happen as Sikhs are involved in a diverse set of occupations now and the need to join the military is not as high as the World War days. Many joined the military in those times due to limited employment and due to tradition but times have changed quite a bit since then.

This is a tribute to the Sikhs who served in the World Wars.
The Sikh contributed over a 138,000 men to the battle fields of Europe during the 1st World War, by far the largest contribution of any of the nations that made up the British Empire/commonwealth. Ditto the 2nd WW. As on both occasions Sikh’s were the majority of those who

We salute all those who sacrificed themselves fighting against injustice and for freedom

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Khalsa Fauj in the UK, Tribute to the 1914 Sikhs who led 7 expeditions

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