Panth Dardi Singh addresses media bias against Sikhs in a UK TV Show.

Video: Jagmeet Singh was invited for a discussion on issue of interfaith marriage on a BBC show but throughout the show he was constantly interrupted. Jagmeet Singh wasn’t given an opportunity to make his point despite being extremely respectful.

Towards the end of the show, Jagmeet stood up and said, “Sikhs are being killed in Punjab but nobody is reporting it, please report it.”

The following comments were seen on the official thread of BBC:

Scott Mccarthy I love Sikhs lol…Just watching Sunday Morning Live Even when they protested they are polite. Well done Mr Sikh man you win the prize for the nicest, most respectful protestor to date. If only other faiths could take a leaf out of your protesting hand book. Bravo

Kuldeep Singh Deol “THE SIKH” guy as some people have put it put everything on the line to raise aware for human rights violations in Punjab, which the BBC chose not to report. Why such Bias against the Sikhs? We should all be treated the same, regardless of caste, colour, religion. Its sad it has come to this to raise awareness, and we pay for them to report like this. People are being killed and BBC are not interested. Over 30 years of biased reporting

Nick Cocks LOL, I loved that. What you going to do BBC Sunday Morning Live, throw him out? Oh, better not might be accused of “racism.” Respect to the #Skih guy for standing up the BIASED BBC!

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