“Pargat Singh Sandhu is famous for his charity work and bravery.

He is known as “Pargat Gotakhor” in the adjoining areas, which literally means diver or swimmer who takes things out from deep waters. He hails from Dabkheri village in Kurukshetra, Haryana.

Photo: SBS Punjabi

Till date, he has captured seven crocodiles, and has taken out many dead bodies from the deep waters of Jyotisar Heads, seven km from Kurukshetra.

Jyotisar Heads is formed by three major water waterways including Narwana Branch canal, Satluj Yamuna Link and Sarswati drain.

“When I was young my parents told me that floods long ago may have brought some crocodiles via waterways from Bhaur Saidan Crocodile Breeding Centre,” said Pargat Singh.” Read more: SBS Punjabi

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