Ravinder Pal SIngh Babbar from Ludhiana who earns honest living and a spectacular community service member is being sued by fast food chain ‘Burger King’ for trademark violation. The Singh’s business called Mr. Singh Burger King is a street vendor shop which serves vegetarian food.


The Singh became famous after announcing that he will give free burgers to those who will recite Gurbani Paaths by memory.


The Singh posted on a social network the following:

“An american company Burger King and my business name has a big difference but still they are threatening my physically and mentally. They are pressuring me to change my name which i’ve had for over 10 years and running my business under this name before I even heard of them. They want to get me arrested but I’m not going to get scared. I don’t have means to hire a lawyer, please help me.”

The phone number of this Singh is: +91 85282 02864

Here are the legal notices received by the Singh:




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