Singh Makes World’s Smallest Gold Replica of Sri Harmandir Sahib (Video)

A Singh in Amritsar has devoted his life constructing small models of different things made out of gold and other materials. He has now made a collection of items to be given to the Gold and Artifact Collection of Sri Harmandir Sahib Ji. One of the models is of Sri Harmandir Sahib Ji that he’s made which is now the smallest replica ever created.
Around the world, to non-Sikhs the Harimander Sahib is, perhaps, better known by its English ‘sobriquet’ – a name given to the Temple because of the lavish gold plating that adorns the walls of its two upper floors, which include its dome, the airy Shish Mahal, where three Gurus spent many hours, and its minarettes. Maharaja Ranjit Singh, the great Sikh Maharaja of the only Sikh state to never be ruled by the British during his lifetime was, besides one of the greatest generals of military history, one of the few rulers of India to serve his Kingdom and its subjects of, various religions, with an eye to the equality of all. He was also a great patron of the arts. During his lifetime he had strived to bring all Sikhs under the rule of one great Khalsa Kingdom. When he gained control of Amritsar he used much of the great excess wealth the Punjab produced to rebuild many Gurdwaras associated with the days of the Gurus as well as having many more constructed.
He was, along with his grandson, Nau Nihal Singh, very generous in his patronage of the Gurdwara at Tarn Taran, but the Harmandir Sahib held that same special place in his heart, that it holds for all Sikhs. Here he contributed tons of gold to cover the exterior walls of the Gurdwara’s two upper floor’s ornately fashioned metal panels. The beautiful dome, shaped like an inverted lotus, which sits above the curved bangaldar roof of its Shish Mahal, alone was covered in 220 lbs. of the precious metal.
(The SGPC in March 2005 has prohibited Sikhs from referring to the Sri Harmandir Sahib as the Golden Temple.)

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