Singh From Ludhiana Discovers Sikh Statues at a Cemetery in Singapore

A Sikh man from Ludhiana Harjinder Singh Kukreja visited a cemetery in Singapore where statues of Sikh soldiers are constructed alongside a grave of a popular Chinese Physician named Chew Geok Leong.

Harjinder Singh Kukreja wrote on Facebook:

“Exploring the Sikh statues of Bukit Brown Cemetery, Singapore

The Sikhs came to Singapore in the 19th century as soldiers and policemen serving the British. After World War II, many sought work as private guards for the Chinese. They became so indispensable and were so honest, loyal and brave that their statues were placed before their employers’ tombs to continue guarding them. The Chinese believed that their Sikh Guards will protect them even after their death. This is a massive tribute to the spirit of the Sikh people and a great chapter in Singapore-Sikh Heritage.”

Photo: Harjinder Singh Kukreja

Photo: Harjinder Singh Kukreja

Photo: Harjinder Singh Kukreja

Photo: Harjinder Singh Kukreja

One of Singapore’s oldest cemeteries “Bukit Brown” has 2 Sikh statues of Sikh Guards next to a Grave belonging to a Prominent Chinese Physician Chew Geok Leong who died in 1939. It is documented at the grave site that he had the statues made while he was alive, so that after he died these statues would literally guard his tomb.

The Chinese tradition of the particular community is that after they have physically died they make statues of basically anything that they think will protect them in the “other world”. This Chinese physician was so amazed by the Valor, Courage and Bravery of Sikhs that he wanted Sikhs Soldiers to protect him in the “other world” Note Sikhs don’t believe in Graves, but the fact this person recognized Sikhs is a big honor.

Sikhs fought in various wars and campaigns for the British Empire: During WW-1, it fought in China , France and Belgium ( Flanders ), Mesopotamia against Turkey , Irak , Iran , Egypt , Palestine , Gallipoli and in East Africa. In World War -2 Sikh Soldiers Fought in the Western Desert , in the Middle East , in Eritrea , Ethiopia , they fought in Italy and took part in the liberation of Greece . But against Japan in the east, British Indian Army played its greatest role right through from the reverses of 1942 to the final overwhelming victory of 1945.

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