Hello all, I am a physician and recently had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Ahluwalia Singh and his children .

Mr. Ahluwalia recently came from India to visit his son who is on a work visa in Toronto. He unfortunately had a fall and suffered a cervical spine injury. This injury has left him with upper extremity weakness and loss of bowel/bladder control.


He is in an extremely difficult situation as the medical bills are increasing day by day and he does not have any insurance. Both children are overwhelmed and don’t have the resources currently to pay.

Despite the extreme circumstances, Mr Ahluwalia and his children have been warm hearted and hoping for the best outcome. I wanted to start this fund to help them and decrease the financial burden on them.

If we all donate even a little, we can collectively decrease the huge weight on their shoulders. Dealing with an illness is hard enough let alone the financial burden of it. Please donate whatever you can. Even as little as ten dollars may feel like a hundred to someone in need. Let us collectively help him to recovery.

You can Donate Here: Mr. Ahluwalia Crowd Fund Site

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