The trailer of Akshay Kumar’s new film ‘Singh is Bling’ has received a mediocre response. Many Punjabis are looking forward to the film as it highlights Punjabi culture and Punjabizm.

However, a few things about the trailer of Singh is Bling were a bit controversial.

1) Showing Sri Harmandar Sahib as the 5th most popular place of Punjab when it’s by far the most known place. The other controversial thing was to show alcohol consumption at #3 in the opening of the trailer.

How did the producers of Singh is Bling determine that Sri Harmandar Sahib is at the 5th Spot?


2) Use of Kara as a weapon and by throwing it around like a boomerang.


3) Askhay Kumar coming up with a terminology called ‘Singh Giri’. It baffles our mind to wrap our heads around this. What is he trying to say that Singhs are clumsy and foolish. Perhaps he needs to be reminded the contribution of Singhs in the history of India.


4) Referring Amy Jackson to a Kaur in a song played in the trailer.


 5) What in the World is He Wearing? Does That Look Like a Gatka Dress?

By Jaswinder Singh

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