This Singh is the Genius Entrepreneur and Gold Man of Wall Street

Cornell educated Savneet Singh is the gold man on Wall Street, NY. He is an entrepreneur and originator of a new investment strategy called storing actual gold bullion.

He started Gold Bullion International in 2009, which was one of the first electronic platform where investors big or small can buy trade and actually store physical quantity of gold.

He innovated in a stagnate precious metals market which hadn’t seen any innovation in well over 50 years. At Just the age of 29, he combined value investing and storage of physical gold into his business plan which has seen growth of nearly 40%.

Inspired by Warren Buffet, he modeled a genius strategy and created a platform that allows storage of gold at very low costs which has brought in very big clients.

Savneet born into the Sikh religion has said his faith’s principles of hard work and giving back has driven his achievements.

Now the company in New York stores the largest quantities of gold whose clients are big hedge funds, pensions funds, mutual funds and other large and small investors.

Essentially, Savneet has created a market within a market, where buyers and sellers trade gold and their physical gold gets stored by Savneet’s company Gold Bullion International.

Now, Savneet is looking to enter the biggest gold market in the world where gold is held by almost every family.

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