Singh Fought Tiger For Half Hour Before Killing it

A number of major newspaper around the world will be publishing the story of the Singh who killed a tiger that attacked him in village Bharapur. Major media outlets have contacted DSU regarding the story. We will update you with all the news stories.

News has come from a poultry farm in Barapur Village near Corbet where a tiger invaded a farm killing about 30 chickens and other animals. Reportedly, the tiger came from the woods nearby and wasn’t spotted by any of the villagers.


A Singh who works at the farm was conducting his normal routine of feeding the animals when he noticed a tiger who immediately charged at him. The Singh quickly grabbed a hold of his spear and battled the tiger for half hour before killing him.

While battling the tiger, the Singh was badly wounded and lost one of his arms and legs. The courageous act of the Singh is being appreciated by the villagers. The incident occurred at 4am the morning before yesterday.

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