From a single bottle six plants have been grown in six different directions (north, south, east,west, up and downwards) by putting earth in a bottle with five holes in four directions and at the base. The top of the bottle can always be opened by unscrewing the lid.

Chimpoo Singh Oberoi of Kolkata has been able to achieve this feat as a way of increasing agriculture production.

The research began by growing ladies finger (bhindi). Having put soil in the bottle, it was turned in opposite direction.

First the plant was grown in downward direction from the base of the bottle. When the plant became big, it was hung with the base down and another plant was grown to come out of the top end of the bottle. Similarly, ladies finger plants were grown from the east, west, north and southern ends of the bottle. Six plants out of one bottle was a novel way of promoting abundance in crop production.

Singh creates unbelievable world record by dailysikhupdates

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