A Sikh businessman from Kolkata created a hanging planter which allows plants to grow both upwards and downwards.

The invention earned Singh a spot into the Limca Book of Records. Chimpo says it took him nearly 3 years of intensive trial and error before devising a plan to make the plant grow from both directions.

Here is how he did it:

“He hung the bottle at an incline and placed seeds on both ends of the container, ensuring that the soil doesn’t fall. Mr. Singh says he kept one portion in the sun for one day and then reversed the bottle for the next day to allow seeds on the other side to germinate. Gradually, seedlings began to emerge from both sides and later matured into a full-fledged plant. He has so far used the two-way technique to grow tuberoses (Rajnigandha), black-eyed peas (lobia), and ladies finger.” PTI

“The idea came to my mind when I was thinking of how to grow more plants to combat global warming. Space is a big restriction in cities and so when you grow plants from two sides you optimise the use of resources,” said Singh.

Now Singh says he “now needs scientific back-up to improvise on his innovation and ensure that his technique is promoted on large scale.”

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