A story about an elderly man who sells toys for his livelihood after being abandoned by his children has gone viral on social networks. After a concerned Singh heard about the man he quickly rushed to Geeta Colony and bought all of the man’s toys. The Singh went a step further and arranged monthly ration, pension, and medical aid from Gurdwara Bebe Nanki.

The Devender Singh who broke the story posted:

“Today a help sharing process for uncle ji is reached on a next level…
A veerji bought all the toys from him and dropped him to his house.
Also talked with Gurdwara committee of Gurdwara Bebe Nanki (dilshad garden) about monthly ration, pension and medical facility.
Anybody who wants to share a smile wid uncle ji either meet him directly at 7/123 Geeta Colony, East Delhi or shahdra metro station gate number 2 to buy toys from him.

You can also contact here via sending messages or link with us on donation camps of our centers.
Devender Singh – 8800915904
ParamJeet Singh – 9871954664″

Earlier Update:

I met this person at Shahdara metro station today. His age is 70years and he makes a living selling toys for small kids. He said “beta knees pain boht zaada rehta hai. Jitni zaada derr yahan baith bhi nhi paata khadaa bhi nhi reh paata. Thodi der k liye aata hun geeta colony se. Jitne 50-100 rs. kama leta hu guzaara ho jata hai”.


(My knee pains a lot so I cannot sit or stand for long hours. I come from Geeta colony, sit for a short while and earn Rs.50 – Rs.100)

I feel sad about what he had to say. He has 3 sons and 2 daughters. All have their own families. But they don’t have time for their father. He is the one who made his children what they are today.

All I want to ask is that what is wrong with people these days.? They have time for everything in the world but no time for their parents.

Just a small message from my side to all such people is that your future is decided on deeds you perform in the present.
When your kids grow up, its 100% possible that they’ll leave you too because this is what they have seen since their childhood. This is what you are teaching your children. Change your attitude towards your parents in order to have a safer future.

Give love. Get love.”

– Via Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Darshan..

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