Singh Auctions New TV to Raise Money For Sikh Charity

This Singh has no desire to own a TV but luckily won one at an event and now wants to auction it to raise money for a Sikh Charity.

“A month ago, I attended Khalsa Aid‘s annual dinner where I bought a number of tickets for a raffle on the night. Lo and behold I won a 40″ HD Philips TV! Seeing as we don’t own a television you’d be forgiven for thinking this was a great prize, BUT the reason we don’t own a TV is that neither my wife nor I (nor our newborn daughter) watch much at all – what little we do want to see is usually available on iPlayer, 4OD or Amazon/Youtube. So I decided to auction this prize off and in the process raise some money for Khalsa Aid which is a great charity helping those in need across the World. Someone in the UK will be after a full HD TV of this size in time for the holidays – why not buy this one where all of your expenditure will go directly to Khalsa Aid?!

The process to bid is really simple: make me an offer by Facebook private message before 9pm on Sunday 14 December 2014 – the highest bidder will be notified shortly after this and I’ll arrange secure delivery at my own expense within 72 hours.

This TV currently retails for between £300-£400 depending on where you look. I’m expecting to raise at least that much so this is probably not an auction for those who missed out on the Black Friday “bargains”! If you want to know more about this TV have a look at the spec on the Philips website:…/4000-series-full-hd-led…/overview

If you want to know more about the work of Khalsa Aid who are helping change lives in Haiti, Syria and Punjab amongst other places, please visit their website:

Please help me find more bidders by sharing this photo” You can enter here: Naujawani Sardar

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