Singer Mika Slaps Doctor During Live Show in New Delhi (Video)

In a live concert organized by the Delhi Ophthalmological Society, singer Mika Singh slapped a doctor in the face. He called the doctor on stage to ask to not harass girls and to move to the other side of the venue.

Mika got upset with the man and after grilling him with several questions Mika hit him with a hard slap. The man was taken to the hospital to get tests done and it’s being reported that the man injured his eardrum.

Reportedly, Mika had asked the female and male doctors to stand separately but the male doctor stood where the females were which upset Mika.

The doctors launched a protest against Mika and started ripping posters causing the show to end early.

Here’s the video of the incident

Mika singh slaps a doctor in live concert by dailysikhupdates

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