Manika Kaur has become the first singer in Sikh history to donate all proceeds to funding education of underprivileged children. Manika’s foundation called ‘Kirtan for Causes’ raises money to help needy children.

In a recent interview with ISINGMAG Manika spoke about how her non-profit organization is helping to make a difference in the lives of poor children.

“Kirtan for Causes is a non-profit organisation I created. We aim to create beautiful devotional music that creates an atmosphere of peace for the listener whilst serving humanity and uplifting communities through educating impoverished children, building homes and working to understand and meet the needs of communities living in poverty in Punjab.

All the revenue from my music career is directly channeled into the work of Kirtan for Causes. We support 200 children through education and have built several homes for disadvantaged families enrolled in the scheme. I travel to the Punjab every year to visit these families and develop strategies with them for the next year’s work.”

Manika donated all the revenue from her recent album ‘Sacred Words’ and past albums in an effort to do what she can to make the lives of children brighter.

She organizes many events to raise money and to increase the number of children currently receiving funding.

The foundation even goes a step further by building homes for needy families.

Here is one family the foundation built a home for:

Here is how Kirtan for Causes was able to help Gurpreet Kaur achieve her goals.

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