Patiala MP and long time social activist Dr. Dharamvir Gandhi held a press conference at Press Club, Chandigarh on August 23, 2016 to launch a new political platform.

In this press conference he also declared some of his positions about nature of the Indian state and political nature of the Indian subcontinent.

He said that Indian subcontinent was a multi-national, multi-cultural, multi-lingual, multi-ethnic region having multiple civilisations. He, however, maintained that Indian parliament in itself was symbolic manifestation such character of the Indian subcontinent as well as political nature of the Indian state as people from all parts of the region are elected/nominated for to the Indian parliament.
Taking exceptions to Dr. Gandhi’s later notions Sikh author S. Ajmer Singh has put forth posers for Dr. Gandhi seeking clarifications for the same. Source: Sikh Siyasat

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