The Damdami Taksal held a Samagam to honor shaheeds of 1984 where Harnam Singh Dhumma gave Panth Rattan award to SGPC head Avtar Singh Makkar at Gurdwara Sahib in Mehta.

The event took place at Gurdwara Gurdarshan Parkash Mehta where the martyrs were remembered for their sacrifice protecting the sanctity of Sri Harmandar Sahib.


In the eyes of the Damdami Taksal under Harnam Singh Dhumma, Avtar Singh Makkar must have done something to get such an award.


The award has upset mean Sikhs worldwide as they wanted to know the contributions of Avtar Singh Makkar.

Sikhs Worldwide expressed the following views:

Amandeep Singh Now this is insane… This is not BABA DEEP SINGH JI’s Taksaal
That’s dhumakkar n company sponsored by badals

Maninder Singh Chamcha-e-badal is the right award ….dhumme lyi wi same

Ranjit Singh Rarru Strongly disagree . makar should get jail time or encounter with Khalistani Singh, even for 1 minute. Waheguru ji Gursikhaan tey kirpa rakhyo

Singh Dashmesh Ji Da Gaddar e Sikh-Kaum from and to

Tarlochan Singh These panthic leaders are honoring each other and they are deaf and dumb to the problems of the sikhs , how the sikh youth is being killed beaten and badly treated by the indian police and authorties. The history of sikhs is written every day and you people will be graded according to your deeds.

Jagdev Uppal Don’t they feel ashamed what they r doing? Shameful act on the part of present panthic commetee.

Maninder Singh He dont deserve it even for 1% badal da kutta

Jijar Singh Sangha Hahahahahahaha makkar another thug

ਸੁਖਚੈਨ ਸਿੰਘ Chamcha e badal

Herman Singh Sekhon Makker chor

Maninder Singh They forgot that maybe they dont have to answer today but after death where they are going to hide.

Gian Singh Pabla Bullshit

Gursewak Sodhi Gr8 panth Rattan
For destroying sikhi. ..

Hutch Singh all are theives…bottlicking each ohter

Sukhjit Singh Gill Gaddar

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