Sikhs Worldwide Give Statements on Appointment of 3 New Takht Jathedars

In the last two days, Sikhs worldwide have deliberated the Sarbat Khalsa decision on the appointment of 3 new Takht Jathedars. Many have welcomed the decision as a positive step towards reform while others have termed the appointments as “Bias”.

Here are some reactions and statements by Sikhs worldwide:

Mankamal Singh UK

As individual Sikhs our mindset must be broad & humble enough to endorse the aspirations set out in the #SarbatKhalsa2015 resolutions.

The spirit behind the whole drive for Sarbat Khalsa was for reform and dire change within our Institutes.

Whilst it’s easy for us thousands of miles away to analyse the outcomes critically, the whole grassroots drive for Sarbat Khalsa is a huge uplifting achievement.

I have read criticism around the selection of certain individuals as Jathedars. Personally, as a Sikh I am willing to endorse the resolutions passed by the Sarbat because I believe in the mechanism. I want to believe that the strategic decisions making tool of the Sarbat Khalsa is superior and is relevant today. I feel the events of yesterday have given confidence to many who were sitting on the fence that we can mobilise as a Khalsa Nation and the fact that the next Sarbat Khalsa is to be held in 6 months means we have the opportunity to review and change further.

This is a start of a huge reform process

Sikh Youth Birmingham UK

Sikh Youth Birmingham stands united with the Khalsa Panth in the resolutions passed at the Sarbat Khalsa.  The Gurmatta to make Bhai Jagtar Singh Hawara Jathedar of Sri Akal Takht Sahib gave the youth much need energy across the globe and the reactions have been amazing. Bhai Sahib will be a real leader to guide the Panth forward.  The much needed Sarbat Khalsa at this critical time has invoked positive vibes and energy among the youth to strive towards unity which will make the Panth stronger. We will continue to stand by the Panth and look forward to the next Sarbat Khalsa on Vaisakhi 2016. 


Sarbjit Singh Rajoana TV

Many people asking for a summary or critique of today’s colossal day, don’t think its appropriate yet. Yes, there are serious shortcomings and concerns but I felt a breath of fresh air today for the first time in years. Felt like a free man. For the first time since 1992, the Khalsa stood on its feet, pray to Guru Gobind Singh Ji this fire does not get diluted or extinguished. The team of RajoanaTV welcomes the new Jathedars and hopes not only for survival but prosperity. Degh Tegh Fateh

Rajwant Singh from the National Sikh Campaign

“The functioning of the Akal Takht should be free from any political colour. Whether it’s SAD (Badal) or SAD (Mann), it means one and the same thing,” says Rajwant Singh, who is a doctor in Washington.

“The deliberations at the event lacked thoughtfulness. Such decisions (appointment of new jathedars) need more consensus. People with no political influence should be leading the community,” he adds. Blaming the Shiromani Akali Dal and the Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee for pushing the community into deep crisis, he said

Harvinder Singh Riar of Jus Punjabi USA

“I am not sure whether other resolutions passed at the event were wise or not, but managing a huge gathering is a big thing. It clearly shows that the attempts by the government to scuttle the event have not worked,” he said, suggesting that the current state government should quit. “If a person from the movement days had to be appointed, Devinderpal Bhullar would have been a better choice,” he added.

Toronto-based lawyer Sukhi Baidwan

“I am not against anyone, but there are a large number of educated people in the community who have better understanding of Sikh religion and its institutions. A level- headed person should have been made the head of the Akal Takht,” he said.

Avtar Singh Pannu of ‘Sikhs for Justice’

“Now that a decision has been taken by teh radical Sarbat Khalsa, it should be acceptable to the Sikh masses”.

“We can’t run down all institutions, it was the Akal Takht initially, then we rejected Panj Pyaras and now we just can’t reject the voice of the Sarbat Khalsa,” he added.

Khalsa Aid CEO Ravinder Singh

“I was expecting that the name of Bhai Ranjit Singh will be announced as the new Akal Takht jathedar. However, Hawara emerged as the most popular choice.”

Charanpreet Singh Johal, a 26-year-old US-based mechanical engineer.

There were others who described the “new appointments” as temporary. “It’s clearly written in resolutions that these appointments are symbolic People of a certain school of thought can get excited but at the end of the day, these are just symbolic appointments.”

Deepinder Singh

SK2015 was a total failure. The event was totally HIJACKED by Mann Dal, United Akali Dal and a few people from DDT. Bhai Hawara’s name was used to fool the people into believing that something good was happening but to the contrary the announcement of other Jathedaars was a total DISRESPECT of the Sangat and other Jathebandees who were present at the major event. A lot of Sangat went back disappointed which was expected even before the event since all the organisers were doubtful people and had a questionable past. Looks like another Badals will replace the current Badals. Anyways, hope never dies. Its a request to the Youth especially to do some research before openly supporting these people who in the end will surely stab the panth in the back.

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