Sikhs Use Massive Helicopter to Rescue Native Malaysians From Jungles

Via United Sikh:

“Just landed UNITED SIKHS Baaj of Humanity Helistar. This is our second mission reaching out to the cut off Temiar tribe deep in the jungles of Gua Musang. We did 6 sorties serving 8 villages today. Ground n air crew meet on landing zone in K.Betis . They took 5 tonnes yesterday n 2 n half tonnes of aid n volunteers today by land. We flew the aid into the cut off interior with another Helistar aircraft called Baaj 2 as the main Baaj of Humanity was being serviced. Full report coming up ..very eventful trip..we managed to escape some nasty rainclouds n scary crosswinds n made it back safely thanks to your prayers. The Baaj of Humanity will fly again when duty calls for good will to all irrespective of caste or creed. . this special Falcon of Humanity Helistar was the first helicopter to reach the disaster zone on the 24 th of Dec beating the mighty military helicopters to it.”

The Sikhs were the only ones who provided relief aid to native Malaysians living in jungles.

“Ardass for success n protection done with His Grace. The Baaj of Humanity Helistar 2 is ready for another mission to save the cut off Temiar natives in the jungles of Gua Musang. UNITED SIKHS can only do what you mandate us to do. 5 tonnes of aid is waiting for us in the fringes of the K.Betis outpost. Please pray we can reach more n do more on this mission.
Rishiwant Singh
Humanitarian Aid Coordinator Asia Pacific”

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