Sikhs Use Helicopter To Rescue Flood Victims in Malaysia

Helicopter used by Sikhs to provide relief efforts in Flood struck Malaysia.

Guru Gobind Singh Ji da Baaj flown byCaptain Bagwan Singh in his Helistar ready to do humanitarian aid drop in K.Kerai Kelantan Malaysia now.
The sudden rise of flood water in K.Kerai Kelantan Malaysia has caused the Gurdwara Sahib to be submerged underwater completely. Water reported to be 40 feet in depth.Guru Maharaj saroop was in the highest place in the second floor..Maharaj Saroop was not taken out by The 3 sikh families there who barely escaped alive.
According to uncle Santokh Randhawa from Kampar Gurdwara Sahib said Bomba Rescue Services is evacuating Tumpat Gurdwara now.. the Tumpat gurdwara is already in 2 feet of water. Guru Maharaj saroop will be taken to safety by Sewadar.
Wadda Gurdwara Sahib Kg Pandan will help with collection of relief items.
Volunteers can come in there to help as all donated relief items will be sent there
By Monday onwards SGGS Academy will have a separate bank account ready..depending on banking process
For now the temporary account is The Flying Singh Maybank current account 551418101349.
Sarbat da phalla of Sikhi teaches us to help all..not just the gurdwaras affected. If you would like to donate directly to K.Kerai Gurdwara Sahib we will be giving accounts for that too. For now UNITED SIKHS KELANTAN FLOOD RELIEF will serve all races equally.
Pls share n tag as many gurdwara n frens as possible. Recognize the human race as one.

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Latest update.
Baaj of Humanity Helistar Captain Bagawan Singh Ji just reported in that due to heavy rain n zero visibility he was unable to get across the Titiwangsa mountain range from the jungle town of Raub. So he had to land in Genting Sempah waiting for the weather to clear up .This was the only spot he could find as he was hugging the fringe of the massive mountain to cross over. He said it seems as if the hand of God guided him to land on the only clear spot in the whole Banjaran.The rest is like a ring of clouds with zero visibility.

He told the team all roads and bridges are not only underwater but their probably damaged too .Making Kelantan completely cut off by land ,access to K.Kerai Kelantan is by only by air .We might need to send aid through air force C130 s which are making daily flights .He is in touch with Kota Bharu gurdwara president Gormokh Singh and will remain in touch with him .The cat food run for surviving pets sponsored by The Star journalist Wani Mutiah will probably only happen tomorrow due to the weather challenges. Today he will get back and fly in another goods mission to the flood zone if God allows the weather to clear. Biri Randhawa is sending 300 pacs of bread from Kedah ,we will put it on the UNITED SIKHS Baaj of Humanity sunday flight .
7 pm tonight meet us if you want to volunteer for the UNITED SIKHS KELANTAN FLOOD RELIEF Malaysia in Kg Pandan wadda Gurdwara Kuala Lumpur command n control centre.

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