Sikhs Unhappy With “Patang” Song of Geeta Showing Sri Harmandir Sahib

Most of the people who’ve watched the song Patang are curious to know why Punjabi singer Geeta Zaildar put Sri Harmandir Sahib on the background of his song “Patang”. Many have stated under the comments section of the song and all over social media that there was no reason to show Sri Harmandir Sahib as it served no purpose.

If the song was a religious song it’s one thing but the song teaches about a boy running after a girl and what does that have to do with a holy site. However, while many are protesting against the song, there are a reasonable amount of people who find nothing wrong in this.

Geeta song patang

Sri Harmandir Sahib is the most holiest shrine of Sikhs throughout the world. Many are now wondering whether Geeta did this on purpose to add something controversial to the song so that it generates high views. This is the new strategy of Singers to promote the song by making it controversial.

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