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Members of the Sikh community are protesting and trying to take back a school by the name of Guru Nanak National High School which once enrolled over 3,000 students.

Efforts are being made by the Sikh community to restore the over 50-year-old Punjabi language Guru Nanak National High School here to its past glory as there was controversy over the running of the school which now has only 300 students from its earlier enrolment of 3,000 pupils.


“There was a time when this school had over 3,000 students but due to poor management and vested interest of the people who were deputed by the community to run the school, the number of students has come down to less than 300, while schools opened by them in their own name are flourishing not only in Guwahati but in other places too,” alleged Greater Guwahati Sikh Samaj and Gurdwara Shri Singh Sabha, Fancy Bazaar, president Major Singh on Thursday.

“Guru Nanak National High School was started to promote Punjabi language at Gurdwara Singh Sabha, Fancy Bazaar, after the-then Assam chief minister, Bimla Prasad Chaliha, allocated land for it in the early 1960s. Certain quarters who claim that the community has nothing to do with the school and it is the property of a trust formed nearly 15 years after the school’s inception have no documents to prove their point,” Singh said.

Dr Justice TN Singh, who had played a key role in getting the land allotted by the government for the school and was present at the time of the government handing over the land then, discounted the “misinformation campaign by vested interests that the land was given to them as refugees by the government to run the school.

“The community is rightly concerned as there is not a single educational institution in the country which had 3,000 students at one time and has now less than 300 students,” he alleged.


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