A number of Sikh related stories having gone totally viral on social media in recent days. The stories have been featured on major news networks around the world raising awareness about Sikhs.

USA: Sikh Boy Called “Terrorist”

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The most viral story was about a young Sikh boy who shot a video himself being racially abused. The students on the bus call Harsukh a “Terrorist” repeatedly and he responded by saying “Kids being racist to me” and in the description it said, “calling me an Afghan terrorist. Please don’t act like this towards people like me. If you don’t know, I’m not Muslim I’m Sikh.”

The video recieved over 1.8 million views and was uploaded many times on Youtube by various people and news agencies. Most international media networks covered the story raising awareness about Sikhs internationally.

Italy: Sikhs Save Italian Economy

Another story which surfaced recently was that of a Sikh community which have been given credit for preserving the cheese industry in Italy.

The documentary titled “Sikh Formaggio” highlights the contribution of Sikh in the cheese industry and how Sikh have solved the cheese crisis in Italy, which is one of Italy’s largest exports. This particular video also received immense support and views throughout the world show casing the hard work of the Sikh community positively contributing economic change for the country.

USA: First Sikh Superhero Creates a Buzz Worldwide

One of the most viral stories was that of a comic book on a Sikh superhero called Super Sikh. A campaign was launched to raise money to fund the first ever Sikh super hero comic book. The campaign received such tremendous support from people around the world that funds coming in were double that of the target amount.

The Sikh super hero named Deep Singh displays Sikh values, power of intuition, training, physical and mental strength to defeat evil.

The creator of the comic, says she “We wanted a real world character, so that you might see a bit of yourself reflected in him.”
The tagline of the comic book goes like this:

“A hero is not defined by the way a person looks, but by a person’s actions.
So we realized that now is the time to show the world a modern hero in a turban.” It’s time for a Super Sikh!”

England: Sikhs Take Over London Fashion Week

A fashion model who recently came to fame after he did shoots with major fashion brands such as Louise Vuitton organized a mob of Sikh models. The Singh sent out a message asking all Sikh models to show up at the site of the London Fashion Week in their best gear and what a site it became.

The mob of Sikh men called it ‘The day we shut London Fashion Week down’ and ‘Singhs shut down London Fashion Week’ and soon after the pictures hit twitter they instantly went viral and the Singhs were buzzing on Twitter. The London Fashion Week started trending as #LFW with much of the pictures of the Sikh men.

USA: Sikh Gold King of Wall Street

Savneet Singh became the first genius entrepreneur to develop a new market for gold in the United States after decades. He came up with a way to not only exchange gold but to physically store it. This news created a buzz in financial markets worldwide as now Gold trading once again became popular.


Britian: Sikhs Flex Political Muscle With Sikh Manifesto

The Sikh Federation of the UK created the first ever Sikh Manifesto which is a a list of issues concerning most to the Sikh community of the UK. The Sikhs are targeting 50 seats in the coming parliament elections and the Sikh vote could be the decisive factor on winning and losing. After the manifesto was released, major politician suddenly turned their attention towards the Sikh community and giving talks at various events.

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