This is Why Sikhs Shouldn’t Do Interfaith Marriages

This video looks at mainly how Muslim men target Sikh girls for dating them and doing interfaith marriages. They’ll try and use the we’re equal line and ask Sikh girls why they won’t go out with them. We explain SIMPLY that SIkhi is equality and don’t want to go in inequality.

#6 in our Anti Conversion series – #ArmYourselfWithKnowledge on how to deal with preachers from other faiths.

This video states why the Sikh path or the Guru’s the path is the right path. Sikhs are already born into equality and so why marry into inequality. Sikhs should marry Sikhs, it’s Hukam of Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj.

For 1 Interfaith marriages are against against Hukam of Guru Gobind Singh Ji as written in his 52 Hukams for every Sikh.

2) Lavaan ceremony is only suppose to be for GurSikh couples who follow Shabad Guru and live life according to Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj. So it’s contradiction if you interfaith marry at a Gurdwara and then immediately shave your beard and do manmat.

In case of an interfaith marriage, they must, before their wedding, join one faith and sincerely live that faith to have peace and achieve the mission of human life

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