Sikhs Provide Langar and Refuge to Thousands of People in Haryana

There is nothing greater than service to humanity by feeding bread to the hungry. As Jat protesters burn the state of Haryana, Sikhs from various different localities are taking it upon themselves to feed thousands of stranded people on the Major and nonmajor highways of Haryana.




Gurdwaras are once again stepping up to the challenge by providing langar and refuge to thousands of people. The Sikh community gained widespread acknowledgment for their service in some of the most dangerous places on earth such as Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Haiti, Bosnia, and other places.

The Jat community has been on a rampage to destroy property throughout the state in protest of demanding reservation. They Jat community blocked major roads, caused havoc, and burnt some of the highest employment businesses.

The Sikh community is composed of only 1.5% of the Indian population yet they feed millions all over the world through langar and provide relief to some of the worst disaster struck places. The Sikh community is the only community in India which will never demand reservation as they are taught to work hard for their living and not demand any short cuts.

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