Video: Gurdwara committees throughout North America passed historic resolutions and an overwhelming consensus for Sarbat Khalsa. All the Panthic Sikh Sangat decided on a serious need of unity and called for panthic meetings in every country where Sikhs reside.

British Columbia, Canada passed several important resolutions detailed in this video:

BC Sikh Sangat Passes Resolutions by dailysikhupdates

Video: 54 California Gurdwara Committees gather at the historic Stockton Gurdwara Sahib and passed multiple resolutions after getting approval from the Sikh Sangat.




The resolutions passed by the Gurdwara Sahib Were:

1) To boycott Shiromani Akal Dal and it’s party members
2) To boycott all SGPC personnel
3) To not accept any Jathedars as leaders of the Sikh Quam
4) To Create a worldwide Sikh Council

The unity shown by the California Sikh sangat is quite impressive. Currently, meetings are being held by Gurdwara all across the world to organize a plan of action for the future course.

SANGAT of the Sikh Association of Baltimore passes 5 resolutions as follows:


1. We reject SGPC’s and SAD (B)’s attempt to control local D.C. Maryland and Virginia Gurduaras
2. Resolve to make concept of Sarbat Khalsa deliberation viral
3. We salute our martyrs who gave their lives for Guru Granth and Guru Panth and support the injured and protesting in Panjab and the Sikh diaspora
4. We condemn Panjab police brutality and the deception by the current leadership of SAD (B), SGPC, and the administration and Jathedars of all five Takhts
5. We resolve to boycott Badal’s financial interests (PTC etc.) and request the Khalsa Panth to follow suit in Panjab and worldwide.


Today, the Sikh community of Calgary and the entire committee of Gurdwara Dashmesh Culture Centre passed the following 4 resolutions:

1. We firmly denounce all the actions taking place in punjab currently
2. Urge individuals affiliated with SGPC and Akali Dal to put forward their resignation.
3. Organize a Sarbat khalsa meeting nationally parallel to Sarbat Khalsa in Punjab being pushed (Nov 10)
4. Any parcharaks who have not spoken up against or cut ties with the authorities in relation to beadbi of Maharaj Siri Guru Granth Sahib ji are not welcome on the Calgary stage.

A Sangat in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area gathered to discuss the current socio-political climate of Panjab. We resolved to deliberate Panthic issues using the Sarbat Khalsa model and passed the following resolutions in the Darbar of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj. ‪#‎revivesarbatkhalsa‬

Sikh Sangat of Chicago Passed the following Resolutions:


54 California Gurdwaras Pass Resolutions… by dailysikhupdates

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