Sikhs in Pakistan Show Solidarity With Fellow Pakistanis (Video)

The Sikhs Sangat of Pakistan show solidarity with the Families of the Victims killed in the horrendous terrorist attack in a Peshawar School

New Delhi, Dec. 17 (ANI): Expressing grave concern over the terror attack in Peshawar, security experts on Wednesday emphasized that the international community must now intervene as things are getting out of control in Pakistan.

“It is a very sad thing what happened in Pakistan. The need of the hour is that the international community now intervenes along with India and other neighbouring countries,” said Qamar Agha, a security expert.

“The things are not in control and now Americans have to withdraw from Afghanistan. So, it will spill all over the region, not only the South Asia but also the Central Asian republics which are neighbouring Afghanistan. So, a lot of countries are at stake,” he added.

Another security expert, Rahul Jalali, also condemned the Peshawar terror attack and said that the ideology of all such groups is common.

“The ideology of all such groups is the same and that is not to allow women to go out of the house. And if they go out then they should be covered from head to toe. They want to create a society where women are barred from all their rights,” Jalali said.


“The situation is bad in Pakistan. I hope the people out there understand this as soon as possible. They also need to understand that now they need to fight against all the terrorist groups collectively,” he added.

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